Welcome to the NFC Database portal.

This portal has been setup to do the following:

  1. Help international and local (Namibian) production companies to register themselves online with NFC
  2. Allow production companies that wish to carry out productions in Namibia to register those productions with NFC
  3. Help international production companies to apply for the relevant visas, that are needed to carry out productions in Namibia
  4. To provide NFC with important information concerning productions that are going to carried out in Namibia.
  5. To help international production companies to link up with key potential service providers and individuals within Namibia with regards to their productions.

If you are production company that would like to make use of our portal, you need to do the following:

  1. Register yourself on our portal by clicking on the "register" Link, in the top right hand corner/area of this webpage.
  2. Once you have registered yourself you will now be able to see and access the "Company Information"  page.
  3. Fill in and submit your company details on form that you will find on that page.
  4. NFC will review your submitted information.
  5. If your company is approved on the system by NFC you will then be able to see and access the rest of the pages that will enable you to fully interact with the system.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Best regards